“Nostalgia is the poetic awareness of our personal past, and since the artist’s own past is the mainspring of his creative potential, the architect must listen and heed his nostalgic revelations.”
Luis Barragán, Prizker Architecture Prize Laureate 1980


One of the most important human values relating to the arts, and especially to architecture, to my opinion, is nostalgia. That smell we sense when we listen to such music that reminds us of certain special moments in the past, or that electricity that we feel when we see a painting that has been hanged in our parent´s home for decades, or that summer light that comes in a certain room of a certain building that we got to visit since childhood are just some key characteristics of a special fascination about life. We believe in its potential to make a difference, to enlighten and to enrich the human experience, to penetrate the barriers of misunderstanding and provide a beautiful context for life’s drama.
Architecture lives and survives because of its beauty, because it seduces, animates and even inspires people, because it is matter and because it can – if only sometimes- transcend matter. Although nostalgia, beauty, inspiration, Magic, joy, spellbound, enchantment, silence, Intimacy, mystery, surprise, serenity, sobriety and amazement are our basic guidelines for this competition.


An object that can be understood that way at a glimpse of an eye. Paradoxically, the box, conceivably the simplest and most basic architectural shape can be of poetic imagination touched by beauty. Psychological, not design motivated. The obvious as the most profound concept of thought. Not a sculptural piece of architecture that fights with its contents, but a work of art itself that makes the art work to exhibit the key issue, the guest of honor.
The site asks for a construction. In one hand there is a rather large park with unique topography. In the other hand it has the sea. We want to communicate both park and sea with a public sculpture plaza (Park (green) – architecture / sculpture (stone) – the sea (water)).
A pristine box that measures 50 X 50 X 50 meters is to be our main building. It places itself strategically in the site on to of a plinth in order to capture the attention of the public from any part of its surroundings with such public plaza. One main entrance door that can be a very important tourist attraction. A “simple” huge detail that makes the building unique in the world which functions with an easy system. Metaphorically, the box will have one of its sides in its entirely to swing, creating, when opened, a 50 meter vertical slot, 5 meters wide, that ends when the box meets the wall-door.
The path as key issue for the museum: a 50 meter high by 50 meter deep slot as a funnel that leads to the main entrance, which is a 2.50 meter high space. Going through it, the most important space of the museum appears: a large scale space (36 meter high, 20 meters wide and 48 meters long) as main lobby to have interventions by artists. As a vertical museum, all galleries will have natural light.